11 Guaranteed Workouts for Losing Weight [Expert Advice Video]

Why lose weight and How you can do it?

Wanting to lose weight is where you start. Choosing the reasons for weight loss is part of your goals, and finding the right exercise routines can make the entire journey exciting and fun. Losing weight can be difficult, and finding the right activity, place, and people can make all the difference.

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?


Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Why do you need to lose weight?

The reasons for losing weight are many, and even the most health of people should consider workouts for losing weight. The benefits come in the form of more energy and longer life, but also:

 1. Better Sleep

better sleep

What you eat throughout the day can affect your night’s sleep. The decrease in sleep quality goes beyond enjoying that cup of coffee too late in the day. Falling asleep is more difficult if you have been eating the wrong foods, and staying asleep can also be a problem.

The right foods will not only help you get to sleep faster but will keep you asleep throughout the night. Foods that are not food for you will keep you up and night or cause you to wake up in the middle of the night. Poor sleep can be made worse through the consumption of too much alcohol with your meals.

2. Less Joint Pain

joint pain
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Being overweight puts a serious strain on your joints. Having the extra weight on them can cause them to become inflamed, which makes basic activities like walking or just sitting painful. The added weight also wears them out faster as the human body was not made to carry large amounts of weight around on them.

3. Make more money

make more money

It’s a sad reality you and a lot of other people have to face. If you are overweight, especially if you are a woman will make less money and be less likely to get a raise. A study published in Health Economics found that obese people make 2.5% less money than co-workers performing the same job. You are also more likely to get a raise after losing weight.

4. Land the perfect job

perfect job

Being overweight means, you are less likely to land your perfect job. Being overweight made an impression on potential employers to hire particular people when they were overweight. People who have high BMIs are often ignored for job offers and promotions to supervisory roles.

5. Less Stress

less stress

Having a job is stressful, and the more you work and work your way up, the greater the stress gets. Being overweight and eating the wrong foods can contribute to stress. For example, if you eat a diet loaded with caffeine, you are more likely to be agitated and jittery.

A diet high in sugar increases stress hormones in your bloodstream. By eating healthier and losing weight, you will reduce the amounts of cortisol (a stress hormone) in your bloodstream. You will also not be causing your brain to produce more hunger hormones in response to the stress, in turn, reducing your weight.

6. Control Allergies

controle allergies

When you are overweight, you will suffer from more allergies. Your adrenal glands are under greater strain when you are overweight, as is your respiratory system. Together, your body will be less able to breathe easily and enjoy the joys of the spring flowers.

7. Food Tastes Better

food taster

Losing weight can make your food taste better. It is thought that being overweight makes your taste buds overwork with time, causing them to become dull. Similar speculation concerns the number of hormones in the body getting released. After you lose weight, your taste buds will not be so sensitive, and your meals will taste better.

8. Improved Sex Drive

sex drive

Losing weight makes it easier for your body to become aroused during intimate moments. When you lose weight, your body produces more testosterone, which helps you feel more ready and able to have sex.

In studies done on the male sex drive, overweight men have testosterone levels comparable to men more than a decade older than them. In a similar study done on overweight women, it was found that they were secreting more of the stress hormone cortisol, which interferes with the female sex drive. The best part about shedding the pounds for both sexes is an increased level of sexual satisfaction.

9. Less Illness


Losing weight, getting a good night’s sleep, eating right, and getting proper exercises can have the added benefit of reducing your susceptibility to illnesses like the common cold. Your body will have better tools and will be strong enough to fight off the general office cold when others can’t, though it is still good to minimize exposure.

10. Improved Memory

brain activity

Being overweight can make your mind wander. In studies conducted on brain activity, it was found that women that lost weight and became more active had more brain activity. They also did better during memory recall. Consuming soda and foods sweetened with fructose disrupt the ability to learn and form new connections in the brain, which cause a lot of memory recall problems.

11. Fewer Cravings

Fewer Cravings

While you are losing weight, you will have cravings, but once your weight loss journey is complete, your body’s hormones will adapt to their new state. During weight loss, your body’s survival response is activated to increase hunger. The activation causes your brain to release more hormones and slow metabolism.

During your weight loss, you will need to consume more foods that will help you to feel fuller and offer a well-balanced nutritional structure. A well-balanced diet will reduce the instances of hunger and help you control the ones you do have.

12. Less Sweat

Less Sweat

The more bodyweight you are carrying, the hotter you will feel. Your body’s ability to move is reduced; such simple activities like walking put more strain on it, causing you to sweat more. Losing weight will make moving easier and will keep you from soaking through your shirt.

13. Smoother Complexion


What you eat is reflected in your skin tone. By losing weight, your complexion will improve and grow brighter. Your acne, eczema, or psoriasis will also be reduced as well. Processed foods have more chemicals in them, which do not react well to human skin. Eating a diet rich in vegetables, fruit, and lean protein will help your skin clean itself up.

Adding foods with live active cultures like unflavored yogurt can also improve your skin as the work to improve your gut microbes. Improving your gut health has the added benefit of help you to lose weight as they help your digestion function more smoothly.

14. Have More Energy


Losing weight through healthy eating and exercise will give you more energy. Your body won’t have to work so hard to give you the energy you need to get through your day. Your body will also have more to spare as it won’t be expending it on moving an overweight body around.

15. Better Moods


Losing weight will give you the added confidence in your day as well as help your brain and body to function better. With exercise and healthy eating included, you will enjoy the release of endorphins, which are mood-boosting hormones that help you feel good. Endorphins will make you feel good while you exercise and stay with you throughout your day, which will encourage you to keep up the good work and keep exercising.

16. New Activities

losing weight

Losing weight means you will get to try new activities. Many activities are best enjoyed when you are in shapes such as skiing, hiking, and dancing. Losing weight will give you the energy and body to try and succeed in these challenging activities.

17. Better Airflow

Losing weight means you will breathe more easily. Once you shed the extra pounds, your veins are less restricted, allowing for more oxygen to circulate your body. You will feel better going about your daily activities and have less trouble climbing the stairs. Better blood and oxygen delivery throughout your body will help you build the muscle you want for those intense activities.

18. Reduce Medical

Losing weight can help reduce or eliminate some conditions. The reduction or elimination of these health problems through weight loss can mean you will get to reduce or eliminate the medications you are on for such conditions as high blood pressure. A consultation with your doctor while you are losing weight and after will tell you a lot about what changes you can expect from your weight loss.

19. Reduced or no snoring

Sleeping problems, snoring, and sleep apnea are common problems associated with being overweight. Losing weight will put your body under less strain while you sleep and open up your airways. Your body will receive more oxygen and reduce the instances of snoring and eliminate sleep apnea.

20. Decreased chance of cancer


Obesity is directly linked to cancer. Your body does not function as well when it is overweight, which makes it more likely you will be developing cancer through the inflammation created in your body. Inflammation damages your tissues and even your DNA, which results in a greater chance of developing cancer. Losing weight reduces your chances of developing cancer.

21. Live Longer

long live

Losing weight reduces your likelihood of dying early from weight-related diseases like cancer and heart disease. Being overweight can reduce your life expectancy up to 14-years. Losing weight will help you live a longer, happier, and fuller life overall.

What are the best exercises for losing weight? VIDEO

The best workouts for weight loss are ones that evolve as you grow stronger. They also shed pounds. It is best to start simple and work your way up as your body adjusts to the altered hormone levels. The workouts to lose weight at the gym can be done outside of it as well as inside of it.

The best workouts for weightloss are ones grow with you. The best way to lose weight at gym or on your own is to stick with it. As you find the best exercise for losing weight for yourself, stick with it, and grow with it.


Walking is the best way to start your weight loss journey. It is something you already do every day, and it is easy to work into your day from lunchtime or after dinner walks to taking you 15-minute breaks walking. Walking is a low-impact exercise to start losing weight.

Walking is easy on your joints, and as you can go for longer periods, you will notice the pounds slipping off. Once you lose an initial amount, you can add other types of exercises that may impact on your body more.

2. Running or Jogging

Adding running or jogging to your day is the next level up from walking. Jogging is a lot harder on your joints and will put more strain on your body. Your lungs will also feel the burn and be forced to work harder. It will be a test of endurance for you if you have never done it before or if it has been a while.

When you are jogging, burns away visceral fat that develops around your internal organs, visceral fat is linked to multiple health conditions, including diabetes and heart disease. Adding routine jogging to your weekly exercises will help to burn it away quickly and adapt your body to greater levels of exertion.

3. Bicycling or cycling

Bicycling and cycling are extremely popular ways to lose weight. It is fun and can be done with friends. It is also one of the best workouts to lose weight at gym. Almost every type of gym has a stationary bicycle, which is perfect to use when the weather is not cooperating with you. Bicycling outside is a good way to get to and from work or if you have a small cart to do some shopping.

Cycling classes are very popular in cities and is one of the best workouts for losing weight. Many gyms offer special high-intensity classes for the more advanced cycler, and those will push you to the maximum for your loss weight workout plan.

4. Weight Training

Lighting weights to burn fat is a good way to burn up that excess fat after losing weight. It builds muscle and stamina and can lead you to other activities that require a bit more muscle to get you to your next weight loss goal. Losing weight weightlifting is easy if you incorporate it into your workout plan. Losing weight weightlifting is an easy way to start building muscle.

Weight training will help you raise your resting metabolic rate (RMR), which will make it easier for your body to burn calories while building up your stamina and strength. A 30-minute weight training session can increase your metabolic rate substantially and your ability to burn off any lingering fat on your body.

Lifting weights to burn fat is a good way to burn calories from the inside of your body outside. Weight lifting to lose fat is something anyone can do as lifting weights to burn fat is an excellent start to building muscle. Lifting weights is can also be part of your loss weight workout plan.

5. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High-Intensity Interval Training is an excellent way to lose weight and fight off the lingering pounds. High-intensity Interval Training is hard on the body as it passes through at least 3 different exercises that push your body to the limit. A HIIT workout can last from 10 minutes to an hour or more, depending on your level of skill and comfort.

Studies done on men doing HIIT workouts found that they burned up to 30% more calories a minute in their workout compared with more traditional exercises like running, cycling, and weight training. HIIT workouts burn more calories in a shorter period than other types of workouts.

6. Swimming

Swimming is another low-impact way to start losing weight. You burn more calories for the amount of time you spend in the water and the types of exercises you are doing. Swimming regularly can reduce body fat and strengthen muscles. Swimming can reduce your body fat and reduce your likelihood of developing health conditions like heart diseases.

Swimming can help to reduce your cholesterol and the triglycerides in your blood. The low-impact activity is easy not only on your joints, but it is a heart-healthy activity that increases blood flow throughout your body while protecting your joints.

7. Yoga

Yoga is another activity you can start that is low-impact on your joints. It is also one you can do with friends and relieve stress. Yoga does not burn as many calories as more traditional exercises, but it is a good way to start moving and working with your body.

A lot of the poses in yoga rely on building up your core strength to perform the various poses. It also works on breathing and learning to understand your true power. Yoga is a good way to learn to your body and to believe you can improve.

Many gyms offer group yoga classes, and if they don’t, there are studios located in many different cities. If you are uncomfortable starting yoga in a class, you can find numerous videos online to help you progress through your yoga poses. You can use them as a place to start as there are many tutorials online to help you get your poses right.

8. Pilates

Pilates is another exercise that can be easy on your body as you start losing weight. You won’t burn as many calories doing yoga as you will doing other types of exercises, but it is a good place to start for any person new to the workout world.

Studies conducted on women and men who do yoga at least three times a week found that they had significant decreases in lower back pain, and they improved their balance, endurance, and flexibility. They were more likely to stick with the exercise in the long-term and branch out into other forms of exercise.

9. Tabata

Tabata is an exercise routine for those who do not have much time. Tabata is 20 seconds on to every 10 seconds of rest over 4 minutes of high intensity working out. Tabata is best done when you are ready for more intensive exercises. They are an exercise that spikes your metabolism and heart rate.

Because they are only 4-minutes long, you do not worry about taking up too much of your time for the exercising, but because they are only 4 minutes long, your body has to be ready for intense activity in a short period. The activities you choose are repeated for 8 rounds before moving on to other activities or workouts.

10. CrossFit

CrossFit is another trend that has swept the workout world. They are a strength train to lose weight activity. The exercises are a lot like the workouts you will do if you join a Tabata class or take part in a HIIT class. They work your body hard and fast.

They are not something you jump right into as you are more likely to hurt yourself, but if you can find the right gym with a beginner’s class, the exercise routines will be tailored to your activity level, and they will help you work your way up to more intense training. You should find a teacher who can help you through the routines and be understanding of your goals.

11. Dancing Class

Dancing through a class that is fun with friends can do amazing things for burning calories and taking charge of your body. There are plenty of adult-only beginning classes that can show you the basics of almost any dance form you could choose. There are adult ballet, tango, jazz, and hip hop classes that can help you build stamina while you have fun and lose weight.

The beginning classes might not be as intense in the beginning as you learn the basics, but you will be learning how to balance and control your body. You will also have the opportunity to learn how to breathe and move effectively. Strength train to lose weight can be done through control over each piece of your body.

Final Thoughts

The best exercise for losing weight is the one that you grow towards. It is ok to try different things to start learning about yourself, and weight lifting to lose fat can be started for anyone. You can work it into your schedule after work, class, or on the weekends. If you can make it a family event, the entire family can join you and meet their own goals.

There are family classes where entire families can learn together, and with the right understanding teacher, you will find yourself losing weight and gaining control over more than just your weight.

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